Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It was a wild and woolly weekend, with our local temps dipsy-diving down to minus 40C but it didn't dampen the spirits of our Baa-blers who were out in full flock on Saturday for Week Two of our in-store KAL.  A big congratulations to any knitters who have finished their first Baa-ble hat and as expected are already casting on for a second or third one.

Remember the M-O-R-E sheepy hats you finish by the end of the month, the M-O-R-E chances you have to enter the grand prize draw. 

When those first tiny hooves begin to appear, the magic really happens!

Elizabeth finished her first Baa-ble hat in time for Valentines Day!

Week Three is all about getting through the field of sheep and heading up towards the evening sky.

Read through our list of helpful hints and tips-

Tip No. 1. When the sheep legs are finished, we suggest cutting the dark colour and rejoin it on the first round of their happy little faces.  This eliminates carrying up one colour and a source of tangles. 

Tip No. 2. Don't fret about the dark colour showing through the white (or sheep colour) as you carry it behind.  Once your hat is finished and has had a good sudsy soak in Eucalan Woolwash, this will plump up the wool fibres and fill in the spots nicely.

Tip No. 3. Onto blocking- soak your finished hat (minus the pom pom) in Eucalan Woolwash for twenty minutes (tepid water).  Squeeze out excess moisture, no rinsing required.  Roll the wet hat in a towel to squeeze out more excess water and lay the hat flat to dry. 

Next week it is all about the perfect pom pom!

Did you know?
Sheep are holistic and
can self-medicate
when sick
by eating specific plants


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