Monday, February 8, 2016


A warm and woolly welcome to all our fellow Baa-blers who have joined the flock for the February KAL.  We have knitters casting on in Nova Scotia, Florida, southern Ontario and all around Muskoka.

Already a few Baa-ble hats have been completed during the first week and (no surprise) because it is such a fun project, second ones are now in progress!!

Remember to email or post a pic of your finished Baa-ble hat(s) on our facebook page in order to be entered in our end of month draw for a chance to win one of two prizes.  You may enter as many times as you wish, each finished hat equals one entry ballot.  Prize One will be a random draw.  Prize Two will be for most creative Baa-ble hat.  We will try to post as many pics as possible of entries.  

 In-store KAL gets underway with the February flock 

Week Two is about beginning the fair isle work on the charted portion of the pattern.

Read through our list of helpful hints and tips below-

Tip No. 1: Sticky notes make excellent line minders, use them as shown in the image above to mark your place on the chart.

Tip No. 2: When stranding colours, the rule of thumb is no more than three stitches should be knit without catching and knitting in the 'floats' (yarn being carried across back of work).  Most of the background design on this Chart can be knit without catching the floats due to the short pattern repeats.  Beginning with the legs and throughout the body of the sheep, knitting in the floats will be required.

Tip No. 3:  This project is a great opportunity to try two-handed knitting, with one colour held in the left hand Continental-style and one colour held in the right hand English-style as shown in this video.

Tip No. 4:  Jogless Rounds!  This is a sweet little trick to avoid the unsightly steps that occur at the end of  a round when switching to a new colour on the next round.  See technique here.

Did you know?
The fleece from just one sheep can be spun 
into a 200 km long strand of wool. 
That is the distance from  
Muskoka Yarn Connection 
to the  
Toronto CN Tower 


  1. Great tip on the colour jog!! thanks
    And I loved that stitch marker.

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