Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It has been a really fun month of counting sheep, and sadly it is coming to a close soon.  Our KALers have commented on how much they have enjoyed learning new techniques and experimenting with colour combinations to create an array of these imaginative little hats.

Keep sending in your pics of finished Baa-ble Hats, each project that you complete counts as one entry into our month end draw.  The winner will be announced on March 1st.  There will be a second draw for most creative hat, so put your thinking cap on, there is still plenty of knitting time left.   

This week we focus on the perfect fluffy pom pom, to top off your Baa-ble Hat.  It is as simple as winding yarn around four fingers. 

Here is our step by step guide-

Step 1: Choose one, two, three or all four colours used in your Baa-ble Hat, line the balls up side by side. 

Step 2: Holding your chosen strands together, start wrapping the yarn around four fingers, not too tight.  Make sure you can still wiggle your fingers. 

Step 3: Wind the yarn until your fingers are full and the yarn thickness is well-cushioned.  If you are making two identical pom poms for a project be sure to count out the number of wraps to keep the sizing equal. 

Step 4: Cut the yarn strands.  Have a helper standing by for this part, it will be a whole lot easier.  Using a separate strand of yarn (make sure it passes the strength test), approx. twenty inches long, tie around centre of bundle VERY TIGHTLY!  This is important to ensure your pom pom does not fall apart. 

Step 5: Now that your pom pom resembles a bow tie, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut through the loops on each side of the centre tie. 

Step 6: Trim the ends to give your pom pom a nice rounded shape, making sure to leave the tied ends at centre untouched.  These will be used to tie the pom pom to top of hat.  Be careful not to over trim, it won't grow back!

Step 7: To make your pom pom extra fluffy, plug in a kettle and tie your pom pom loosely to the end of a wooden spoon.  Wait for the steam action to begin.  Dangle the pom pom over the steam from a safe distance for a minute or so.  This will give your pom pom a fuller appearance.  Roll in between your hands to soften the ends.  Attach to top of hat with one end through centre top stitch and one end pulled through approx. two stitches over.  Tie tightly to secure in position.

Did you know?
Australia, New Zealand and Scotland
have more sheep than people

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