Monday, February 1, 2016


If you have taken the leap onto the Baa-ble baa-nd wagon, you are in good company as we get ready to cast on for a fun month of knitting! This week is all about getting your stitches on the needles, working through the ribbing and planning the perfect colour scheme.  As you are sure to find out like so many others have, this pattern is highly addictive and will likely inspire more than one version.

Read through a list of helpful hints and tips below-  

Tip No. 1: Many Baa-ble knitters have stated that this hat fits quite big when knit on the suggested needles. For that reason, switch to 3.75 mm for the Ribbing and 4 mm for the Main Hat Section.

Tip No. 2:  If you choose to knit this hat for a child (shown in our purple/fuchsia sample posted below) cast on 80 stitches for Ribbing and increase to 90 stitches for Main Hat Section.  This will eliminate one repeat on the chart.  After Row 25 of the chart have been completed, jump to Row 30 to begin top shaping.   

Tip No. 3: When casting on with circular needles it is important to check before joining in the round to make sure no stitches have twisted over the needle.

Tip No. 4: To eliminate the opening that occurs between the first and last cast on stitch, you can sew the tail end across to smooth it out or try this handy little trick- Cast on one extra stitch, before joining in the round, slip the first stitch from left needle onto right needle, pass the extra stitch over this first stitch and slip it back to left needle. Tighten both yarn ends and proceed.

Stay tuned for our next update on Monday February 8th for tips on stranding, reading charts, and jogless rounds.  We have set up an EVENT page on Facebook here.  Feel free to check in and post your progress pics. 

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