Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scarf Season

Did someone say Christmas is just six weeks away? It can't be........the weather is as mild as mid-September and we are barely over the Halloween candy buzz.

There are lots of little hands busily working away on gifts for under the tree, and surprisingly scarves seems to have reappeared in the spotlight once again. Every year we see a new type of novelty yarn, one that builds the momentum for scarf season, and this year its looks like a three-way-tie between Rizos, Triana, and Ondas from Katia.

Rizos is a very flat and wide ribbon yarn with built in bars along the top edge. Think of a railroad track. To knit with it, just lift up the bar at the top edge and slip it through the stitch on your needle. Instantly, little ruffles appear, and the scarf grows very quickly on 5.00 mm needles. One ball = one scarf. There are ten colours to choose from, some in solids and some in a multi-coloured effect.

Triana knits up into layers of lacy openwork all from just one ball. The yarn looks like a narrow ribbon until it is stretched open, and reveals an intricate netting. The stitches are easy to find along the top edge, its knit on 8.00 mm needles and there is a wide range of colour choices.

Ondas is the third in this set of lovely scarf yarns, it appears much like Triana in the ball and magically stretches into a meshlike ribbon, silky and soft and available in more than fifteen colours.

All three are very easy to knit with, stop in for a demonstration and see what all the buzz is about.

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