Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Autumn clock is ticking away and there is an all too familiar smell of snow in the air. The first stream of flurries showed up just south of us this week. I'm sure I saw some white stuff in the air too, but told myself it was only dryer lint. Lets hope the trick or treaters will have a pleasant forecast for next Sunday.

How many of you have started on your list of gift items just to get the jump on Christmas?
Here is this year's top ten list of most popular knit and crochet Christmas items-

10. Afghans

9. Vests

8. Peaked Caps

7. Aviator Hats

6. Shawls

5. Self-Striping Socks

4. Chunky Scarves

3. Wristwarmers

2. Mittens

1. Cowls

In stock this week, CROCHET ACCESSORIES from INTERWEAVE MAGAZINE. Forty-three patterns for crocheters with a good selection of one-skein gift ideas.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the designs inside this issue-

Nina's Beaded Scarf, worked lengthwise in Malabrigo Sock in a pretty openwork pattern

Sarah's Steampunk Collar, a little bit of Victorian charm worked sideways in a worsted weight yarn with matching button-up fingerless gloves

Peggy's Leg Warmers, a cosy gift item that whips up quickly in a merino/cotton blend

Audrey's Lace Cap, is crocheted from the top down in an interesting mix of patternwork

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