Friday, February 12, 2010

Gear Up For Olympic Knitting

Its finally here, the official kickoff to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In just a few more hours, like millions around the world, I will be glued to my flat screen, with anticipation building as the Opening Ceremonies gets underway. The weather has been less than co-operative, with rain drizzling upon the city of Vancouver this morning. But it hasn't dampened spirits. Remember the Chinook that warmed up the Calgary Olympics twenty two years ago? For five days the temperature was higher in Calgary than in Miami, yet the games continued on without much delay.

Knitters have been preparing for this big event, stocking up with new projects over the past two weeks. Sock knitting seems to be the most popular choice, its a little easier to knit in an endless loop on four needles while watching tv. During commercials is the best time to turn the heel. Scarves, and afghans are a close second choice, they don't require much concentration, other than keeping the stitches on the needle in the middle of a triple salchow. Here is a little bit of trivia- this jump was invented by Ulrich Salchow in 1909 and first performed in 1920 by a female skater who was reprimanded for her 'unladylike behavior' on the ice.

Last weekend we had a great turnout for our Olympic Knit A Long. Quite a few pairs of Maple Leaf Mittens were knit up to wear during the celebration. There is still time to knit a pair for yourself or give as a gift to a fellow Canadian. Here is the link to the free pattern-

Happy Knitting!

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