Friday, January 30, 2015


This is one very popular lady!  She has inspired many Knit A Longs over the past 5 years and we are happy to have her inspire our group as well.  If you are getting ready to cast on your stitches this weekend, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind-

1. This cardigan is worked from the top down so there will be a fair bit of stretch that will take place across the yoke.  Casting on with a smaller needle (4.50 mm) and knitting a few rows, before changing to the 5 mm needle is a good idea.  Don't overestimate your size, if you cast on stitches for one size smaller you can always increase your stitch count by the time you get to the bust line.   

2. If you have chosen a hand dyed yarn for your project, there may be some slight variations from one skein to the next.  In our store sample (shown above) we used two skeins, beginning on the first row of the lace pattern, and alternated every two rows, making the switch just inside the front garter stitch border.  It will be completely invisible here whereas if you switch skeins at the outside edge you may have a short little strand showing each time.

3. We chose the simple (yarn over, knit two together) buttonhole method, it has lots of stretch to accommodate a medium to large button, plus it looks nice and neat.  Choose whichever style buttonhole you prefer. 

4. The original pattern includes a row of yarn over's to increase to the final number of stitches your size requires before the underarms.  This makes a pretty openwork row across the yoke, or you may choose to incorporate make one (M1) increases instead if you prefer a more solid yoke (as shown above).

Remember to take it one week at a time.  This week it is all about the yoke.  We will post more tips concerning the body and sleeves in the following weeks. 

Most of all, have fun, and we will keep you posted on everyone's progress!  

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