Saturday, January 24, 2015


Its the middle of winter, and here in Muskoka all we can see for miles is a thick lumpy white blanket of snow.  These days we seem to be spending more time with our snow shovel than our knitting needles.  What if we had a new knitting project, something to brighten up the dull days and keep you busy for the whole month of February?  Now what if we turned it into a Knit A Long and added a few incentives to make it even more fun and rewarding? 

Whether you are close by or faraway, cast on and join us for a knitting adventure.  You may even learn a few new techniques along the way.
Step One: Print off the pattern here (or we can print it for you in-store).
Step Two: Choose a worsted weight yarn and dust off your 5 mm circular needles.
Step Three: Sign up for the KAL (call, msg or drop in, we just need your first name and yarn details).
Step Four: Cast on February 1st (or a day early in our KAL group)!!!
Now here is the fun stuff-

We chose this cardigan for its versatility, easy breezy style and great design elements, oh yes........ and the name might have had something to do with it.  It is knit from the top down, (yay, no seams) and is a 'fit while you knit' design which allows you to make changes as you go to the width and length.  The yoke is worked in garter stitch, and the body is worked in a pretty gull wing pattern that has a very simple four row repeat. 
There are also various options in choosing the right yarn from cotton to merino, to wool blends and for changing up the design elements and ample opportunities to try a few new techniques along the way. 
Starting on January 31st to February 28th, we will be holding an in-store KAL on Saturday afternoons from 1-3 pm.  Feel free (and it is free) to bring your coffee or tea and join in the fun as we cast on together and hopefully cast off together.  Just call or msg so we know you are coming. 
Now for the incentives.........there are four weeks in February so it seems reasonable to also have four goals.  Its just for fun, really, no pressure!!  As you reach each target goal, you will be awarded with a ticket, four in all, one for getting to the armholes, one for casting off at the hemline, one for casting off the first sleeve and then the second. 
The more tickets you can accumulate will ultimately give you more opportunities to enter the final draw with three prizes to be won (all valued at over a hundred dollars). 
KAL updates will be posted here on the blog and also here during the month of February!  Come in and see our store sample knit in gorgeous Malabrigo Merino Worsted, the colour is so vibrant it will make you swoon.        
Here are a just a few versions for colour and style inspiration, there are more than thirteen thousand on Ravelry (Yes, really!!  More than thirteen thousand people have knit this design so you will be in good company).


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