Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mirasol Trunk Show is Coming August 24th to 31st

Imagine a windswept terrain exposed to nature's harshest elements where the temperature can drop well below freezing on a summer's night.  This is the well-known landscape so familiar to the shepherds in the Puno region of the Peruvian highlands, who tend large herds of alpaca and sheep as they graze on what little patches of vegetation they can find.  It is also where some of the finest natural wools are spun and dyed for knitting.   The Mallkini Ranch, the largest of its kind in Peru is the home base for Mirasol yarns, a company that believes in giving back to the employees and their families by providing a more sustainable future for this remote area that lacks basic medical and social resources. 

In 2006, The Mirasol Project, a fair trade enterprise was initiated by a Canadian business owner, directing a portion of all yarn sales back to the community in order to build and maintain a boarding school for children who previously walked up to ten miles a day for an education.  In a country of twenty nine million people, with the highest level of poverty and illiteracy in the region, this is much more than a school, it's a home away from home during the week in a safe environment providing medical care, healthy meals, sports programs, clean uniforms, and daycare for the little ones. 

From August 24th to 31st we will be featuring the Mirasol Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, a trunk show full of yarns, patterns and sample garments.  Come in and see the beauty of these yarns for yourself. 

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