Thursday, August 15, 2013

Early Fall Arrivals From Sirdar

If you are in Muskoka this week you may have the sense that summer is fading fast, especially with nighttime temperatures hovering close to only ten degrees Celsius!  Don't give up on summer yet, the hot weather is coming back this weekend and sticking around at least for next week.  This is the most exciting time of the year in the store, as the delivery trucks roll up to the door and surprises await inside each carefully packed shipment.
This week it was the arrival of SIRDAR, new books and leaflets for all your cold weather knitting projects along with colourful yarns.  Take a peek at these two new ones, Kiko and Faroe Chunky-


Faroe Chunky is a comfortable mix of cotton, wool and acrylic, light enough for late summer wear and warm enough for the months to come. 

Accompanied by a pattern book full of cosy styles for men, women, and children. 

Kiko is a softly spun super chunky wool blend intended for beginners and those who enjoy speedy knitting.  The shading is dappled with light and dark bits of colour. 

Complimented by this pattern book packed with quick little accessories, and some trendy designs for the whole family.  Tucked inside is a handy learn-to-knit section.

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