Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Early Fall Arrivals

There is no better way to think cool thoughts in the middle of a sun-scorched summer day than to take a little time to daydream about what to knit this fall. 

Take a peek at the latest designs from the Diamond Luxury Collection-

Leaflet #1489 is a cosy side-to-side jacket with honeycomb detail on the collar and cuffs.  Knit in Lima, a pure Peruvian wool and shown in Autumn-inspired burnt orange.  

Leaflet #1492 is a colourful chevron wrap with easy one-piece construction and a choice of buttons or a shawl pin for the closure.  Knit in Lima, in four glorious leafy shades.

Leaflet #1482 shows the new poncho pullover style, simple to knit with an interesting wrap stitch detail in the centre panel.  

Leaflet #1494 features a cap sleeve tunic knit in Galway, a worsted weight pure wool.  Try a combination of five different stitch patterns on this one. 

Leaflet #1490 mixes garter stitch and ribbing in this weekend style hoodie.  Knit in Lima in a heathery shade of sky blue.

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