Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 Mile Yarn Dye-It looks like we survived the great heat wave of July 2012, it may only be a mini breather from the stifling humidity but it does make the weather much more ideal for knitting.  Now if it would just rain for a day or two!!

While out on the road for summer vacation, its hard to resist bringing a small souvenir back.  Something a little more memorable than a heart shaped rock or a miniature birch bark canoe, like maybe a special skein of yarn that captures the vivid colouring in the landscape, the sunlight dancing on the water, or the shadows in the forest contrasted against moss-covered rocks.  Sock yarn seems to be the favorite choice, and all it takes is one skein to make a small project plus it easily fits into a backpack or suitcase. 

This is the delivery so many of you have been waiting for-

Presenting the 100 mile yarn DYE-IT!!!         

From Haliburton to Muskoka, thanks to the industrious dyeing duo, Kim and Ron from Indigo Dragonfly, and supervised by one marshallow-eating terrier, Otis.   

A full assortment of squishy merino sock yarn in colours to make your eyes pop and nicknames to make you giggle................Groverkill, You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair, Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer, and Tardis....... to name just a few!!

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