Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Shawl Collared Vest

Well........ it took a few days but the vest is finished and on display. Tundra is lovely to knit with, maybe a tad warm and woolly to work on in the humid weather but with Fall approaching next month, its nice to be ahead by a stitch or two. The sample is a small size and takes just seven balls. There are plenty of sizes in the pattern, suitable for a man or woman. This colourway changes from grey, to navy and taupe. The last two weeks are always the busiest of the summer in Muskoka. It seems to be the most popular time for taking family holidays and some companies choose to shut down during this time. So its been very exciting to meet knitters from allover with such interesting stories to share and wonderful comments to pass along. Many familiar faces and new ones as well. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to browse through the store.

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