Monday, October 3, 2016

Warm And Fuzzy

There is a warning posted on one of our favorite new Fall yarns and it reads like this-

May Cause A Warm And Fuzzy Reaction
.......and that is exactly what happens as knitters discover the heart-melting, intoxicating effect of touching a tiny ball of fluff also known as cashmere.  If you haven't experienced knitting with this velvety-soft yarn yet, it is truly the ultimate in luxury and after a summer of anticipation we have received a special shipment of the really good stuff direct from Italy.  

Cashmere yarn comes from a variety of goats which produce a double fleece consisting of a precious underdown and a coarser outer hair known as 'guard hair'.  The underdown is carefully combed and separated to be spun into yarn and dyed in a full spectrum of colours.

Cardiff Classic is a 100% natural fibre exclusively milled in Italy and now available in both a double knitting and chunky weight.  Our colour selection includes- taupe, cream, charcoal, pink and dove grey.  

Every knitter craves a little luxury whether its a cosy cowl, slouchy hat, pair of mittens or shawl.  Two balls of this delicious yarn will make a small project such as our Guernsey Cowl (shown above).

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