Friday, February 13, 2015


With the Polar Vortex swooshing down on us it is definitely a weekend to seek warmth, and stay i-n-d-o-o-r-s!!  Hopefully your fridge and your yarn cupboard are both fully-stocked and what better time to curl up in a big comfy chair (with a big box of chocolates) and knit away on your February Lady.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you going on the first sleeve-

1. Use a sixteen inch circular or double pointed needles (whichever you prefer) as the sleeves are seamless.

2. If you have a slimmer arm, you may choose to work with a smaller needle (4.50 mm) which we did on the sample above.  Remember this is a bell-shaped sleeve designed without any decreases, so whatever width you measure at the top of the sleeve you will also end up with at the bottom.

3. Alternate two skeins on the sleeves if you have hand-dyed yarn, as you did on the body.  Every two rows is sufficient.

4. Choose your desired sleeve length as you knit, above the elbow, three quarter, or full length.  The choice is up to you and of course how much yarn you have left at this point.  The beauty of this design is that you can try it on as you go, take time to slip it over your shoulder, wiggle your arm through and see what length fits your style best.  For a three quarter sleeve we did eighteen repeats of the gull pattern followed by the garter stitch border.

5. If you prefer the sleeve border to have less of a flare, decrease anywhere from six to ten stitches across the first row of the garter stitch section.  Our sample has six decreases on each sleeve. 

Happy knitting and stay warm!  

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