Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My BFF Hat

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show off your knitting skills and gift someone special with a small token of appreciation.  This hat represents friendship, in all its wonderful various forms, with a cosy comfortable fit................... just like you and your bestie.

Knit in gorgeous hand painted merino worsted superwash by Ontario artist, Rhichard Devrieze, in Eaton Street, My BFF (Best Friends Forever) Hat takes only one skein and is sized to fit children, teens or adult. 

My BFF Hat

Finished Width- 53 cm/21 ins
Finished Length- 23 cm/9 ins
Needles: 4.50 mm/US 7
Yarn: 80 g Merino Worsted Superwash by Rhichard Devrieze
Tension: 20 sts and 24 sts = 10 cm/4 ins over st st

Cast on 94 sts.
Row 1- [K2, p2], rep, end, k2
Row 2- [P2, k2], rep, end, p2
Row 3- as Row 1
Row 4- [P2, TW2 (K 2nd st at front of needle, k 1st st, slide both sts off tog)], rep, end, p2
Rep these 4 rows for Pattern.
When work measures 20 cm/8 ins, ending with Row 3-
Shape Top:
Next Row- [P2, k2tog] rep, end, p2
Next Row- [K2, p1], rep, end, k2
Next Row- [P2tog, k1], rep, end, p2tog
Next Row- [K1, p1], rep, end, k1
Next Row- [K2tog], rep, end, p1
Next Row- P
Next Row- [K2tog], rep = 12 sts.
Cut yarn and thread through rem sts, tighten and secure end.
Sew seam.

Design by: Michele Meadows

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