Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Early Bird Delivery

The early bird gets the worm (or yarn) so to speak and when you think how short our summer truly is, it is never too soon to knit for cooler weather.  How else will you keep up with all the beautiful designs you have been eyeing.

Just in this week from Mirasol, SAMI is a Peruvian highland wool strikingly unique with eight self-drifting colourways.  Each one is a surprise waiting to unfurl and if you look closely, there is a strong resemblance to bird feathers!  Meridian and Bluebird (shown below) are just two of the new arrivals nesting quite comfortably in the shelves.      

Here are a few of the newest designs knit in Sami-

Design #M5035 is an A-line jacket with three-quarter sleeves and a flattering face-framing collar.  All borders are worked in as you go, and two buttons add the finishing touch.  Knit in Bluebird

Design #M5031 is a longer length tunic with side openings for extra ease and a stylish split cowl neck with wooden toggles.  Seed stitch stripes interplay with the colouring.  Knit in Hummingbird.

Design #M5032 is a casual go-to style for weekends.  Saddle shoulders and a celtic cable panle are the accents to this completely reversible pullover with a roll neckline.  Knit in Riverbed.

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