Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Fuzzbuster Is Here!

Knitters love to knit wool sweaters, they feel cosy and incredibly warm.  But what happens when those annoying little pills start to form, most often along the sides and sleeve seams?  This is a normal part of the wear process, the more you rub against objects such as your coat or purse, wool fibres are disturbed and begin to agitate, developing into miniature fuzzballs.  Your prized creation can look shabby and worn before its first birthday!!  Softly spun yarns are most susceptible to pilling, consisting of natural fibres such as alpaca, cashmere, merino, angora, mohair, and yes, even cotton can experience the odd little halo effect.

A wonderful new product has just arrived!!  The GLEENER is the ultimate fuzz remover, a simple tool that is easy to grip, and requires no batteries, just the motion of your hand.  Three lightweight interchangeable heads are included which quickly clip on and off, each one numbered and designed to match the density of your sweater. 

This tool is portable, ideal for travel and easily stores inside its own drawstring bag. 

The opposite end is a bonus lint brush, perfect for those last minute touches to clothing. 
It works like a charm!  See the demo here.


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