Friday, April 20, 2012

Tools Tools Tools

It looks like Spring is in full swing and what better time is there than during the drizzly days of April to update your carpentry tools. That's right, we are carpenters, honing our knitting skills one project at a time with the finest quality yarns, always seeking out the right tools that have the best fit and performance level.
Here are a few of the latest gadgets from Knitter's Pride that are making us swoon-
I dream of candy! This eye popping array of interchangeable needles is colour-coded so a quick glance is all it takes to find the size you need. The DREAMZ DELUXE IC SET includes nine pairs of needles crafted from high quality birch, 3.5 mm to 8.00 mm and four cords to make the transition from small to large projects.
Just below is the DREAMZ SPECIAL IC SET which comes with seven pairs of birch needles, and two cords to make the popular sixteen inch lengths in 3.50 mm to 6.00 mm.
This ingenious CHART READER is selling like hotcakes! Knitters say this device is exactly what they have been waiting for, a magnetic board that folds closed like a book when you are on the go, and stands up like an easel when you are working from a chart or written pattern. Magnetic strips are included as well as a handy dandy pocket for tools and a pen for marking rows.
Featured below are the newest additions to the KP line- CUBICS DELUXE IC SET with seven sizes and four cords plus the SPECIAL IC SET which includes five sizes and two cords to stretch out to sixteen inches. Both feature the unique comfort grip cubic design in premium rosewood.

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