Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's Warmer Than A Toque?

Did anyone see this article in the Toronto Star last week? Its a very creative idea and just might be catching on as the white stuff whips around us today and the wind is biting at our cheeks.

From Stratford, Ontario, Jeff Phillips models his latest design- The Beardo, a clever invention that combines a handknitted toque with a faux beard attached by velcro. Available in two colours- brown and blond. Phillips, an English teacher working in Australia, came up with the notion while on a snowboarding trip to Whistler. He ripped a hole in a brown wool scarf, wrapped it around his lower face and covered up with a toque to withstand the extreme wind chill. Somehow the idea just grew from there to his current online store- which sells the knitted Beardos for $39.99. Orders are coming in from Mexico, Florida, Toronto, all the way to Lithuania. Also, in the works is a children's version of the Beardo in new styles and colours. Its a lot more friendly-looking than a ski mask, and requires far less maintenance than a real beard.
On a day like today, it makes alot of sense.

Beardo Leaves Jack Frost Bristling

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