Saturday, June 26, 2010


Its a tough decision, choosing which arrival was more exciting this past week. I guess there is some truth in the old saying-good things come in three's. First, the arrival of baby birds in the deck rafters. After waiting more than two weeks, I began to have some doubts about the overly compulsive mother robin building two tidy little nests side by side with pretty blue eggs in each, desperately trying to sit on both for equal periods of time. But on Wednesday morning, the father robin was singing a beautiful clear melody, proudly announcing the arrival of at least one baby.
The next arrival came on Thursday in the form of five large cardboard boxes, a delivery man was hauling in a stack of them on his cart- the first of the new Fall yarns have arrived! The colours are wonderfully bright and cheerful, jewel tones in deep turquoise, purple, coral, lime, and fuschia, a real change from past seasons. It was a long but enjoyable day unpacking each box and finding just the right place for these yarns. I am always amazed how quickly a knitter can spot something brand new in the store, it must be a psychic thing.

The third arrival was later the same evening, the thump, thump of military helicopters as they escorted world leaders from Toronto to Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville for the G8. I must be on a flight path because the treetops were really stirred up by the blades as they swooshed past. A long awaited event for our area, and it will be over so quickly.

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