Saturday, December 19, 2009

Knitting A Community Together

Knitting is a pastime that provides hours and hours of relaxing solitude and yet just as easily can be a fun way to socialize, share stories and laughter in a group setting. Wherever knitters congregate, in pubs, libraries, coffee shops, book stores, or a LYS, it builds a new community and gives a sense of belonging. Some of us knit in groups to reduce stress in our everyday lives, while others enjoy the routine of sitting in a social setting, knitting for a few hours each week. On our Fall Knitters Tour, we knit squares for our first Community Blanket, a special project to be given to someone in need of comfort, recovering from an illness, or going through a traumatic event. The only criteria for the squares, was to knit each one to a specific size, eight by ten inches, in a worsted weight yarn. What a great way to use up leftover yarns! This is the finished result, a lovely warm blanket full of memories from our trip and made with love by a generous group of knitters that believe in the gift of sharing and caring.

I want to wish everyone a warm and cosy holiday season. Enjoy your time visiting with family and friends.

Happy Holidays,

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