Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week Eight in the Countdown to Christmas

I admit I have fallen behind in the One Skein One Gift Countdown to Christmas with all the preparations for the Fall Knitters Tour and other projects. But this week I am promising the quickest project to date.
The One Skein Zippy Hat is knit in the round on big needles and can be completed in just one evening. It fits nice and snug and has ample room to pull up to shape into a tall point with a knitted twig at the top, or can be rolled down to make a rounded shape. In this sample, the choice of yarn is a variegated merino wool, yet it would look great in any solid colour choice, teal, red, purple, royal blue, charcoal, black, ivory, pale pink, burnt orange, kiwi green............and so many more to choose from. Knit a few as stocking stuffers for friends and family, and consider the cost is just under seven dollars per hat.
Size: Women's Medium
Needles: 8.00 mm double pointed set
Yarn: 100g Classic Merino
*NOTE: Work with 2 strands throughout
Cast on 48 sts. Divide sts evenly onto three needles. Join in round. Knit 6 rounds. Purl 6 rounds. Repeat last 12 rounds twice more. Knit 1 round.
Shape Top:
Next Rnd- *K4, K2tog*, rep *to*
K 1 rnd
Next Rnd- *K3, K2tog*, rep *to*
K 1 rnd
Next Rnd- *K2, K2tog*, rep *to*
K 1 rnd
Next Rnd- *K1, K2tog*, rep *to*
K 1 rnd
Next Rnd- *K2tog*, rep *to* until 4 sts remain.
I-Cord: Working on 2 needles only, *slide 4 sts back to beg of needle, Knit 4 sts, pulling yarn slightly across back of work, do not turn*, rep *to* for 4". Cast off. Tie knot in centre of cord.

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