Thursday, October 8, 2009

On the Needles

On the needles...........and great for tucking away in my knitting bag- a new colourway in Supersocke Candy. It has all the shades of Fall fashion rolled up neatly in one ball.

Newbie sock knitters quite often ask about ladders and how to get rid of them. This is the annoying space that develops between two needles when working in the round. No matter how much a knitter may tug away at the yarn, it still shows up round after round. Tight knitters see this happen much more often than loose knitters. It can be corrected quite easily. Ladders are caused by not letting the yarn relax when transitioning from one needle to the next.

Here are two solutions-

~ Simply let the first stitch loosen up a bit, then tighten up the second stitch only

~ Change the arrangement of stitches on the needles every two or three rounds, this blurs the ladder line and it becomes less noticeable.
After a few washings the ladders will be next to invisible.


  1. I have had this happen in one sock and the next is I know how to fix it, thanks Michele

  2. Good luck with your next pair of socks, I hope the ladders are gone for good.