Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Small Projects

As knitting trends constantly change, so do the seasons. On the last day of September, Fall brings us indoors, the furnace kicks in, and its time to think of new projects, Christmas gifts to make for family and friends. With paper and pen in hand, the list begins..........

What knitter has not had that unforgettable night before Christmas experience where months of planning still led up to one stressful, mad rush to finish the last sleeve on Uncle Jim's Aran sweater. Sometimes good intentions lead us astray, and that UFO (unfinished object) is sitting under the tree on Christmas morning, wrapped in shiny paper waiting to be opened, while the humble knitter sits patiently, smiling meekly, ready to explain why the left sleeve is hiding under the sweater, and still on the needles.

An average adult sweater takes a minimum of forty hours in real knitting time. That does not include driving time to the store to find and purchase the yarn and pattern, the time it takes to rip out a mistake and redo it, or the finishing and blocking. A sweater is a work of love and patience, each stitch representing moments in a knitter's life.

For those of us who do not have forty hours to devote to each knitted gift, think on a smaller scale. A pair of warm, cosy socks or mittens would make a special someone's eyes sparkle with appreciation. A luscious alpaca scarf to keep the chills away, or a luxurious, bulky throw for the couch would bring hours of comfort and warmth.

Small projects are at the forefront of the knitting world, they are budget friendly, portable, requre less concentration and produce a quick feeling of satisfaction. With that in mind, this year MYC will feature 12 weeks of Christmas- one skein one gift. Starting in the second week of October, a new project will be highlighted weekly, requiring only one skein of yarn. This will give knitters 12 great ideas for Christmas gift giving! It is also a chance for knitters to branch out, learn a different stitch or technique. Keep checking in at: A Fresh Yarn for the 12 projects as they appear. Think small, knit more!

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