Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shawl Pins

As we knit up the newest wraps, vests and cardigans for the Fall, there are many creative options to choose as closures. Long gone are the days when our only decision was betweeen buttons or a zipper.

A large wooden or hand painted ceramic button makes a fashion statement, and can be added easily after the fact with a quick crocheted button loop. Just chain approximately seven stitches in the matching yarn and attach to the front edge. Sew your button to the opposite side to correspond. Ribbon is another simple way to dress up a cardigan, either threaded through an empire waistband to tie in the front or just attached at the neckline to tie loosely in a bow.

Shawl pins have been very popular for the last couple of seasons, they are extremely versatile, adding a piece of jewelry to a knit garment. Here is a sampling of some handmade wooden ones by a local artisan, he features a tri-selection of woods in each design. These have been selling well especially as gift items.

A brand new selection of shawl pins, handcrafted from coconut shells, has a natural sheen, in a black/brown colouring. Each one has a gentle curve which would make it a perfect choice for a shoulder closure.

Sweater sticks are wonderful options too, as they are quick and simple to use on shawls, vests and cardigans. Just lately, smaller neckwarmers have taken over in popularity from the long scarves of winters past, they fit nicely under a bulky coat and can be worn inside or outside on a cold day as a mini shawl. Picture one of these new sticks as a closure on a nice chunky cabled neckwarmer.........mmh......Christmas gift ideas anyone??

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