Saturday, August 29, 2009

another rainy weekend

Can it truly be possible, another rainy weekend!! It is getting to the point where we don't comment on the weather anymore and just take it for granted, Saturday + Sunday = rain.

It took only a couple of evenings to whip up this new store sample- Simple Baby Cardie. The inspiration came from a new Fall colourway in Escape DK. The balls of yarn just about jumped off the shelf into my arms, knit me, knit me. Very much like the time I was in a pet store and a black and white kitten meowed so loudly not taking her eyes off me, pleading, pick me, pick me. This cardie is knit entirely in one piece from back to front, a perfect project for a beginner who likes a fun colourway. Escape DK is a machine washable wool blend, available in blues, greens, plums, browns, all very interesting self-striping shades that surprise a knitter and keep the needles clicking to the next colour change.

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